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Contender Biographies - Sarwar Ahmedzai's Biography

Born in Afghanistan's central Logar province, Sarwar Ahmedzai belongs to a known family in the south. When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, his family migrated to Pakistan. Mr. Ahmedzai spent over a decade in refugee camps in the neighbouring country.

Sarwar Ahmedzai received his Bachelors degree in Political Science and Law from the prestigious British-era institute, Edwards College, in Peshawar, Pakistan.

He did his Masters in International Relations from the University of Peshawar, the third largest university in Asia. He received his LLB from the Law College, University of Peshawar.

 Ahmedzai was elected central chairman of the Afghan Students Union (ASU) in 1990. The body comprised all Afghan studying in different Pakistani colleges and universities.

He was elected for six consecutively terms as chairman, from 1990 to 1996.

During his six years as chairman, he assisted thousands of Afghan students in getting admissions to Pakistani colleges and universities.

Under his chairmanship, ASU provided books and other scholastic materials as well as financial assistance to many needy students. Mr. Ahmedzai led two delegations, in 1993 and 1994, to Afghanistan in an effort to broker peace between rebel warring factions of then President Burhanuddin Rabbani and Prime Minister Gulbadin Hekmatyar.

He arranged many gatherings and processions in the 1990s against the civil war waged by different factions.

Mr. Ahmedzai was a staunch supporter of the 1992 UN Peace Formula, which called for an immediate case-fire by different factions and the creation of an interim government comprising neutral figures. In front of the UN office in Peshawar, he was the first Afghan leader to organise large processions of Afghans and Pakistani students against the Afghan warlords in 1992.

Besides taking part in national and international seminars and conferences, Ahmedzai had to his credit organising two important seminars on "Political Solution in Afghanistan and Palestine" at the University of Peshawar and “English as a Medium of Instruction in Afghanistan" in 1992.

Sarwar Ahmedzai was a member of the historic emergency Loya Jirga held in 2002. He played a vital role in building coalitions involving different groups during the Emergency Loya Jirga.

Ahmedzai has given national and international media outlets interviews on Afghanistan and other international issues. With decades of variegated administrative and fiscal management experience, he has led successful franchise businesses.

Sarwar Ahmedzai is the author of the famous "Afghanistan Country Report – 2009" –exclusively prepared for members of US congress and Obama administration officials to include the importance of Afghan people and their recommendations in the new US strategy.

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