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Interviews with Candidates - Rigi vows to punish foreign aid swindlers
By: Ferozan Rahmani, Date: 04/08/2009
KABUL (PAN): Independent presidential candidate Ghulam Muhammad Rigi has said he will expose and punish all those people who embezzled international aids, if he is elected as president in the upcoming elections. In an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News Rigi said he will held accountable those responsible for misusing the foreign aids. Ghulam Muhammad Rigi was born in 1947 in Anar Dara district of western Farah province. He has baccalaureate degree. The presidential hopeful, who had been a staff member of hajj and religious affairs department of Nimroz province, said he had studied at various seminaries. Rigi was responding to every question of this reporter, particularly about his programmes, by reading papers lying scattered in front of him. "All my programmes are based on Islamic laws," he said. He said he would promote the department of national security as the 'ministry of national security.' About the security situation, the presidential candidate said there was no need of foreign forces for security of the country. "Security can be maintained by our national forces and can be further strengthened with revival of the obligatory military service," he argued. In addition, he added, he would also bring back farmer military officers and former mujahideen fighters, selected by the nationwide UN-backed DDR into the armed forces. The aspirant said he would announce general amnesty to Taliban and Hizbi Islami fighters and would include into political process all those unhappy with the government. Spelling out his developmental plans, Rigi said he believed in mixed economic system and will concentrate on promotion of local products. "Construction of dams, residential towns, establishment of farms and providing job opportunities to the youth are part of my programmes," he added. He also said salaries of the army and teachers will be increased through collection of taxes from shops and custom revenues. "I will provide land to the people so they have their properties and work," he said. Rigi skipped giving answer to a question about freedom of speech. About women rights, he said the women will have the rights as enshrined by the religion. Wali Muhammad Aksir, from northern Kunduz province and Baz Muhammad Yaftali from northeastern Badakhshan province are his running mates. The presidential and provincial council elections will simultaneously be held on August 20. Ferozan Rahmani
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